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Vinfoil Venusta SF80/SF110MF

Highlights Vinfoil Venusta SF80/SF110MF

  • Unwinding and rewinding of the foil rolls
  • Possibility to (un)load 2 (two) shafts at the same time
  • Easy job preparation with the Shaft Preparation Frame (SPF) and the double lifting hook
  • Foil saving up to minimum 50% with 1 (one) MFU deck (compared to full web and metalized board)
  • Speed up to 13.500 sheets/hour (depending on press specifications, press settings, substrate, cold foil, adhesive, and blankets)

The principle

The principle of the Vinfoil Venusta SF80/SF110MF

  • Continuous foil drive while both cylinder gaps are facing each other by use of the special engineered Direct Foil Drive roller. This Vinfoil technology ensures perfect synchronization of circumference speed of the press with the cold foil web.
  • MFU® is redirecting the cold transfer web back into the printing nip after transferring parts of the metallic layer for the first time. Our standard version uses a foil web that can be used up to 2 times and optionally up to 3 times to generate optimal utilization of the cold foil reel
  • It is not necessary to stop and restart the foil web with every turn of the cylinder-like in systems using indexing

Special features

Foil Saving - MFU

Standard 1 deck
Optional 2 decks

By guiding the foil web back into the printing nip (after transferring parts of the metallic layer for the first time) a foil web can be used up to two times during the same job and foil savings up to 50% can be reached. (Compared to full web and laminated board, depending on the job.)
Optionally you can choose a second MFU® deck. One foil web can then be used up to 3 at the same time, or two webs both twice, reducing the cold foil consumption up to 85% compared to full web productions or metalized board.

Shaft Preparation frame - SPF

With the shaft preparation frame, two shafts (unwinding and rewinding can be (un)loaded simultaneously. The frame can then be easily moved by a pallet truck to the desired location to unload the rolls and load the new ones.

Overhead Real Manipulator - ORM

The overhead Reel Manipulator reduces changeover times to a minimum. It is possible to load and unload two locking shafts (unwinding & rewinding) at the same time. Changing the reels takes place at ground level, which ensures a very easy and safe operation. With this option, an external crane is not needed.

Manual Foil Shaft Changer - MFSC

MFSC is an easy tool for preparing fresh reels and empty cores before or during production. The MFSC exist of 1 SPF frame, one extra frame and: Integrated rulers for optimum reel placement. Easily transportable by forklift or pallet truck. Can be positioned on the operator side or the drive side of the printing press 2 (two) additional 3” bi-directional locking shafts.

Foil Saving - VIFOP

VIFOP is an online software for calculating foil consumption. The consumption is quickly calculated by uploading a PDF file of a job. The results can be exported to your Vinfoil cold transfer module automatically, setting the Multiple Foil Use (MFU) decks and Foil Shaft Changer (FSC). With this pre-set data, your job can start within minutes!

More info? Contact us today and we will show you everything the Vinfoil cold transfer concept has to offer.

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