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Gietz ROFO 570 ECO

The core in narrow web

The ROFO 570 ECO is specifically developed as a core model for narrow web embellishment processes of printed and non-printed web substrates. This makes it the perfect solution for the fundamentals of label production and packaging printing. The ROFO 570 ECO is designed to process pressure sensitive materials (adhesive labelstock), paper, cardboard, plastic film, and composite substrates. It provides reliable and qualitative hot foil stamping and embossing results.

Key benefits

  • Speeds of up to 18’000 strokes/hour and 120m/min
  • Dynamic foil web transport
  • 90 degrees rotating foiling unit
  • Proven flat-flat stamping principle
  • Large stamping area of 550 x 610 mm
  • High stamping force of up to 100 metric tons/ 110 US tons

Special features

Gietz machine user interface (GUI)

The newly developed interface features a touch optimized screen with self-explanatory icons and controls. Higher security and easy learning trough context-sensitive real time help is available. The Intuitive instructions for hands on training, can reduce familiarization time for new operators. If requested, a quick remote support by the Gietz Service Helpdesk is possible.

Dynamic foil web transport

The press features a dynamic foil web transport for up to 2 foil feeds. The 90 degrees rotating foiling unit allows for the foils to be run along with or transverse to the substrate web running direction. The friction un- and rewinders allow the use of single or multiple webs and thus offer maximum application flexibility.

Standalone or inline operation

The dedicated substrate feeding device allows for an integration in all kinds of webfed systems. An infeed and outfeed web buffering system enables a perfect synchronisation to be achieved between the platen press. It is possible to vary the infeed and outfeed substrate web speeds. The system can run with rotary, semi rotary or combination drive web presses. The press does work as a standalone with its own substrate web unwind and rewind unit or cross cutter.

Easy settings of the counterparts

  • Easy setting of dies and counterparts without any disconnection of the substrate web
  • Perfect make-ready possibilities underneath the counter plate
  • Positioning pins align honeycomb, counter plate and make-ready plate

Large stamping area

With a maximum stamping area of 550 x 610 / 21.65" x 24" the system allows for a huge range of application possibilities and can be integrated in a wide spectrum of web fed systems.

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