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Vinfoil Micro SF80/SF110MF

VINFOIL MICRO SF80MF & SF110MF system for offset printing machines size 700-1100 mm

Highlights Micro SF80MF & SF110MF

  • Foil Saving feature: Multi Reel
  • Perfect foil web tension because of Vinfoil’s magnetic powder clutches, torque control, and FT locking shafts
  • Speed of up to 18.000 sheets/hour is achievable
  • Very low building height and access to the printing units is optimal
  • Changing the reels takes place at ground level, which ensures a very easy and safe operation
  • The sensitive metallic layer of the cold foil is never getting in contact with any part of the Vinfoil Micro SF110MF

The principle

The principle of the Vinfoil Micro SF110MF

  • Single reel with one large reel or multi-reel with up to unlimited small reels (min. width 50 mm) enabling you to cover even small cold foil spots.
  • No special brackets for multi-reel required
  • 3 inch cores no matter if a single or multi-reel
  • Perfect rewinding result

Special features

Multi Reel

With the multi reel option it is possible to use up to 10 webs during printing so even the smallest spots can be overprinted. With the multi reel feature you can reach up to 50% of foilsavings. In other words, the Vinfoil Micro gives you a perfect start into the cold transfer world.

Foil Saving - VIFOP

VIFOP is an online software for calculating foil consumption. The consumption is quickly calculated by uploading a PDF file of a job. The results can be exported to your Vinfoil cold transfer module automatically, setting the Multiple Foil Use (MFU) decks and Foil Shaft Changer (FSC). With this pre-set data, your job can start within minutes!

More info? Contact us today and we will show you everything the Vinfoil cold transfer concept has to offer.

UV Film Casting

The UV coating can be applied partly or in solids from a printing unit using an offset plate or from a coating unit using a striped blanket or a flexo plate.

During the transfer of the pattern, the holographic texture of the foil comes in contact with the wet UV coating on top of the printing sheet. During this contact, the UV coating is being cured through the transparent holographic film. The result is a vice versa of the holographic film pattern on the printed sheet.

After the pattern has been transferred and the UV coating has been cured the plastic film is released from the sheet surface. The plastic film for UV film casting can be used multiple times until the pattern on the plastic is fading away or the plastic film gets worn. The number of passes is depending on different parameters such as intensity of UV rays, type of coating, amount of coating, etc.

Application of UV Coating
Application of UV Coating
Transfer of holographic pattern & UV Coating
Transfer of holographic pattern & UV Coating
Release and rewinding of the foil
Release and rewinding of the foil

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